The NEW Olives Bistro!

From the Owner's of Solaris comes Green Valley's newest Greek Cuisine.

incredible Salads

From Our Greek Salad to the Raspberry Chicken, our salads will delight your palate like no other.

Incredible Wines

Choose from an incredible selection of wines to accompany your meal.

Delightful Decor

Enjoy our new menu in our delightful and intimate surroundings.

Hey Green Valley: It’s GREEK WEEK @The Bistro

Guess what Green Valley? It’s GREEK WEEK! With Greek Specialties made only the way we do, with lots of love and hugs ’n dancing to go around! (Just kidding on the dancing part, unless Nick shows up with a big White Napkin). Just check out the “GREEK” specials we’re serving up for you…

This Week’s Specials

$21 Greek style Lamb Chops Seasoned with all the right stuff, pan-seared to your order, and served with a wedge of fresh Lemon to squeeze over the top. They come 3 to an order and they are delish! Accompanied by a house or village- greek salad, oven-browned new potatoes, and fasolia (greek-style green beans). Add a Baby Greek for only $3.50 more. Available after 4:30pm.
$17 Greek Chicken We season and bake our boneless/skinless Chicken breasts, top them with delicious Feta Cheese, and serve them with that same wedge of lemon. Comes with all the rest of the good stuff! Ahhhhh.... such a rich food heritage! Add a Baby Greek for only $3.50 more. Available after 4:30pm.

WINE PAIRINGS: Handcraft Petite Syrah with its atypical spicy finish is a great pair to our Lamb Chops, and you cannot go wrong with a lovely buttery Chardonnay like our Rodney Strong with the Greek Chicken.

Be sure to check out our other Wine Pairings on the board up front, or ask your server or Jen for another recommendation.

SATURDAY NIGHT SHANKS! Nick’s making em special, and they are mouthwateringly amazing. Oven-braised overnight with his special blend of vegetables and seasonings and served with mashed potatoes and oven-roasted vegetables, and a baby greek salad. – ONLY $21!
CALL TO ORDER IN ADVANCE BY THURSDAY NIGHT!– We’ve sold out every week so call soon!

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT submit reservations via our website, they will not be honored!

Burger Wednesday “Nights”
This week: The Greek Burger with Feta Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper.

About Burger Wednesday: Pat La Freida Beef (we think it rivals Kobe Beef) cooked to order and topped each week with an ever-changing selection of interesting cheeses and served with a lil’ something on the side. We serve them until we run out– which happens fast!

For desserts this week: We have some Limoncello Marscapone Cheesecake, as well as some Ice Cream, and maybe, just maybe, some Baklava!

As always, be sure to ask your server what other awesome desserts we have available.

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