The NEW Olives Bistro!

From the Owner's of Solaris comes Green Valley's newest Greek Cuisine.

incredible Salads

From Our Greek Salad to the Raspberry Chicken, our salads will delight your palate like no other.

Incredible Wines

Choose from an incredible selection of wines to accompany your meal.

Delightful Decor

Enjoy our new menu in our delightful and intimate surroundings.

Happy Memorial Day

A Very Special Thank You to all of our Military Members and their families, past, present & future, for their continued efforts on our behalf and for the sacrifices they make. We will never forget.

The desert evenings are beautiful, aren’t they? Why not after the heat of the day, come and enjoy our Patio for a glass of wine and Dinner.  Its’ peace and tranquility will soothe the over-worked!

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